Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crush Pizza Is Opening in Downtown Boston

It looks like a pizzeria in Nashua, NH, that features wood-fired pies is going to be expanding to Boston.

A Twitter post sent today indicates that Crush Pizza is going to be opening somewhere in the local area, with one of the restaurant's posts saying "#woodfiredpizza coming to #Boston real soon!" According to their website, Crush takes inspiration in part from the Neapolitan pizzas found in New York City and New Haven (although it is different from those types of pizza, based on the comment posted here), and their wood-burning oven is built in Italy and has the capability of being able to burn at a constant temperature of 1000 degrees. Their menu shows that they also feature "pizza fritte," which is deep-fried pizza stuffed with sausage.

As soon as we find out exactly where Crush Pizza will be opening in Boston, we will post an update here.

[March 1 update: It looks like we know which street Crush Pizza will be on, as a Facebook post shows a "mystery" photo of State Street in the Financial District and a note asking people the name of the road that the new location will be on. They haven't given an exact address yet, so stay tuned for another update soon.]

[March 14 update: Crush Pizza has told us that they will be moving into the former Upper Crust space, which is at 107 State Street.]

[November 13 update: A new Facebook post from Crush Pizza indicates that their Boston location is opening tomorrow (Thursday, November 14).]

The website for Crush can be found at