Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mei Mei Street Kitchen Is Opening a Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant in Audubon Circle

Last month we reported that a food truck that features Chinese fare was thinking of opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant somewhere in the Boston area. Now we have learned that this will indeed be happening, with the dining spot opening near the Boston/Brookline border.

Based on information from a Twitter conversation last night, Mei Mei Street Kitchen has signed a lease for a restaurant in the Audubon Circle section of Boston. A map posted within a blog entry from Mei Mei indicates that the permanent dining spot may be located by the corner of Park Drive and Buswell Street (about two blocks north of Beacon Street), though we are still trying to confirm an exact location. Expect the new restaurant to open sometime in the late spring or early summer.

[February 21 update: A Twitter post from @TheDrewStarr indicates that Mei Mei is moving into the space where Giga's Pizza is, which jibes with the location mentioned above (at the corner of Park Drive and Buswell Street--exact address is 506 Park Drive).]

[October 31 update: UrbanDaddy reports that the brick-and-mortar restaurant from Mei Mei hopes to open next week, with lunch only for a couple of weeks, at which point dinner service will be added.]

[October 31 update #2: The above report from UD may have been premature, as a Twitter post from Mei Mei itself says that the place may be opening "hopefully within the next few weeks..."]

[November 6 update: According to a Twitter post from the restaurant, Mei Mei will open its brick-and-mortar spot on Monday, November 11. As mentioned earlier, it will only be open for lunch for the time being, with a limited menu offered, but it looks like dinner service could begin on November 25, according to the restaurant's blog.]

[November 25 update: Confirmed--Mei Mei will start serving dinner at its new brick-and-mortar spot this evening.]

The Mei Mei Street Kitchen food truck started out in Boston in April of 2012, offering Chinese-American dishes using locally-sourced ingredients. Their website can be found at

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