Monday, May 06, 2013

Redbones in Somerville Looking to Open a New Location in Malden

The folks behind a BBQ restaurant, a rib shack, and a food truck are going to be opening a second location of their original eatery.

Grub Street Boston is reporting that Redbones in Somerville is planning to open a new spot in Malden, with the place having a "picnic-table-type" dining room with a fire pit along with a bar and an outdoor beer garden, and a nanobrewery will also be located within the Commercial Street space. GS doesn't say when the new Redbones might be opening, so keep checking back for updates.

[May 7 update: We now have an exact address for the new Redbones that is coming to Malden. According to a Facebook post from the restaurant, it will be taking over the Rosebud Farms space, which is at 333 Commercial Street by the Medford Street intersection. (Thanks to the commenter here for bringing this to our attention.)]

[June 21 update: A source connected with the Mayor's Office says that the new Redbones in Malden could be open by the end of August or early September.]

[September 18 update: According to recent posts on its Facebook page, there has been a delay in the opening of the new Redbones in Malden; it now looks like the place may be opening sometime around the beginning of 2014.]

[April 22, 2014 update: Eater Boston says that the opening of Redbones in Malden has been delayed again, with the plan being to possibly open by the end of the year.]

[July 7, 2014 update: According to a Twitter post from the restaurant, Redbones is "still actively working on opening" in Malden, and to "please stay tuned!"]

[July 15, 2014 update: The City of Malden website states that plans for Redbones to come to Commercial Street in Malden have fallen through, as an agreement to the lease terms was unable to be met. (The post does say that the city is hoping to keep working with the restaurant to try to find another space for it.) Thanks to PigTrip for initially bringing this to our attention via Facebook.]

In addition to their original Davis Square location on Chester Street, Redbones also has a rib shack in the Kendall Square section of Cambridge and a food truck that sets up in various parts of the Boston area. The website for Redbones can be found at

Thanks to PigTrip for originally bringing this to our attention via a Facebook post.

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Blogger Chris said...

It's opening where Rosebud Market is on Commercial Street in Malden. Right around the corner from the new bike/pedestrian trail in Malden ( and between Malden and Wellington stations on the Orange line. Details on Redbones' Facebook page.

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Blogger Marc said...


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