Thursday, June 05, 2014

Could an Upscale Restaurant Be Coming to the Lynn Waterfront?

It appears that plans for an upscale restaurant could be in the works for the Lynn waterfront, though nothing has been approved as of yet.

The Boston Globe is reporting that a new Lynn-Boston ferry has started running, with the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation of Lynn (a nonprofit organization) being heavily involved in the project. In the article, EDIC executive director Jim Cowdell says that he hopes that the state will go for an idea to construct a year-round ferry terminal at the site (the ferry is currently set to run only into September), along with an upscale dining spot, saying that "I think we'll have enough ridership that we'll build a case that this is sustainable."

The property has Designated Port Area status, which means that residential property cannot be built at the ferry site, according to the Globe.

The ferry terminal is located at the Blossom Street Extension, which is off the Lynnway just south of the downtown section of the city.

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