Monday, August 18, 2014

Update: Biryani Park in Malden Is Reopening as Suvaai in North Cambridge

[Ed note: This article was updated on August 19 to reflect new information, including a new name for the place.]

It looks like a Sri Lankan restaurant that closed in Malden earlier this year is reopening in North Cambridge.

According to a poster on the Chowhound site, Biryani Park is getting ready to reopen in the Mass. Ave. space where Curry N Wok had been until closing several weeks ago (and before that, Copacabana, Garden of Eat-In Pizzeria and Good Food Cafe). The Facebook page for the eatery seems to confirm this, with the address showing that it will be located in that space, though an earlier note on the storefront from Curry N Wok had said "We are closed. Working on the new concept. We will update the opening date soon." A Facebook post from Biryani Park indicates it will be opening this Wednesday.

[August 19 update: According to a note sent from Rich O's Ravings (and confirmed by The Boston Globe), the new restaurant in North Cambridge is not called Biryani Park after all; the owner of Biryani Park is calling it Suvaai, with the eatery focusing on South Indian cuisine.]

Biryani Park first opened on Route 99 in Malden back in the summer of 2011. The restaurant closed in January, though its food truck is still running.

Suvaai is located at 2378 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02140.

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