Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mike and Patty's in Boston's Bay Village Remains Closed, Turns to Kickstarter for Help

A breakfast place and sandwich shop in the Bay Village section of Boston that has had a series of closures and reopenings since starting out several years back is going through another stretch of being shuttered, and now it is asking for help.

According to its Facebook page, Mike & Patty's on Church Street has been closed since early September and is now seeking funding through Kickstarter to help pay for a number of upgrades to the space. The Kickstarter page for the breakfast and lunch spot mentions that "We found out we were going to be required to install a fire suppression system and adhere with the strict building codes of the city for restaurants. Those building codes were not designed to apply for 175 square foot eateries but we had no option but to shutdown, comply and make the necessary changes." A few of the other upgrades needed include new refrigerators, a new slicer, and an updated cooking area, with the owners saying that "All these changes in addition to carrying our basic expenses such as rent and utilities, getting the necessary permits, hiring an architect for drawings, a general contractor, and all the new electrical work necessary place the project at well over $35,000 and we cannot afford to foot the bill ourselves." According to the Kickstarter page, the project for Mike & Patty's will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by November 20.

Mike & Patty's, which first opened in 2008, went through a rough stretch in 2012 where it ultimately ended up closing until the place went through an ownership change.

The address for this eatery in Bay Village is 12 Church Street, Boston, MA, 02116. Its website can be found at http://www.mikeandpattys.com/

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