Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Whisk Team Takes Up Permanent Residence at Fazenda Cafe in Jamaica Plain

The chefs behind a series of local pop-ups have found a permanent home at a cafe in a Boston neighborhood.

Boston Magazine is reporting that Philip Kruta and Jeremy Kean of Whisk are now working at Fazenda Cafe in Jamaica Plain, with the two chefs renovating the space, redoing the menu (including such items as house-made breads and pastries and freshly-made sandwiches with house-made meats), scheduling pop-ups, and eventually hosting live music events. It is not known for sure whether the place will change its name from Fazenda Cafe to Whisk, though the article hints that this could indeed be the case.

[July 23 update: According to a press release, the Whisk team has officially purchased Fazenda Cafe and will keep the name for now (it is still not known if the name will eventually change to Whisk or will get a brand new name). The release also says that in addition to some of the items mentioned above, Fazenda will have a donut program in place as well, with different scratch-made donuts offered each day. Changes will be coming to the space, and hours will eventually be extended with a full dinner menu being set up at some point.]

[October 2 update: A licensing board hearing notice that was sent to us by a source indicates that Fazenda may become Brassica Kitchen + Cafe, with Philip Kruta being listed as the manager. (The notice also shows that they are seeking a liquor license.)]

[October 14 update: Universal Hub confirms that Fazenda is indeed planning to become Brassica Kitchen + Cafe, and that the place would change from a coffeehouse to a restaurant that features tastings--specifically, the pairing of food and drinking items--though it would continue to offer coffee and pastries in the morning.]

Back in 2013, Kruta and Kean found a temporary home for Whisk on Hanover Street in Boston's North End; after leaving that space, they took over the kitchen at Wink & Nod on Appleton Street in the South End before leaving that spot last year in order to develop their brick-and-mortar plans.

The address for Fazenda Cafe is 3710 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130; the website for the cafe is at while the website for Whisk can be found at

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