Friday, July 24, 2015

Pink Samurai to Open in Jamaica Plain

A new fast-casual restaurant is coming to a neighborhood of Boston, and this one may be of interest to dumpling lovers.

According to an article from Eater Boston, Pink Samurai is planning to open in Jamaica Plain, with the dining spot not giving out an exact address for the place as of yet. The new eatery is calling itself a "modern dumpling house" that will offer dumplings made in-house along with freshly-made tofu and street food, with an earlier job posting indicating that local seafood and farm-raised meats would be used, along with locally-sourced ingredients in general. The executive chef of Pink Samurai is Matt Cunningham, who comes from such places as The Sinclair, Strip-T's, and UpStairs on the Square.

If all goes as planned, Pink Samurai should be opening sometime this fall.

[July 29 update: An update from Eater Boston confirms what he had heard earlier, that Pink Samurai will open in the old Charlie Chan's space at 658 Centre Street.]

[February 18, 2016 update: Pink Samurai has not yet opened, and a Facebook post from the place states that they have had one or two false starts, a lot of work needed to renovate the space, and some other issues that have come up along the way. For now, they would rather "keep people in suspense" instead of setting an opening date, though they do say that the restaurant should be opening "very soon."]

[April 26, 2016 update: According to a Facebook post from executive chef Matt Cunningham, it looks like Pink Samurai will open sometime in May, though he says "don't count this as official though, just a well informed 'guess.'"]

[July 5, 2016 update: We learned this afternoon that Pink Samurai is still on, and that Bob Botchie (Shanghai Social Club, Kirby's Kitchen, Erbaluce, Myers + Chang) will now be the opening chef there. (No specific opening date has been given.)]

[August 5, 2016 update: According to a source, Pink Samurai plans to open its doors on Monday (August 8).]

[August 8, 2016 update: We are still waiting to hear if Pink Samurai will open today, but we have also learned that neither Matt Cunningham nor Bob Botchie is involved with the place anymore, and a check on its social media pages indicates that they have all been taken down.]

[August 18, 2016 update: A check on the place yesterday evening indicates that Pink Samurai has apparently still not opened, while several people on the local restaurant scene don't know the exact status of the place at this point in time. In addition, a Twitter post from @Mattybangin (Matt Cunningham) says that "I took media down when I left, not sure why there's nothing new. No idea what's up now."]

[August 19, 2016 update: A new tweet indicates that Pink Samurai may finally be opening for real, with the place likely opening within a week.]

[August 23, 2016 update: Pink Samurai is now saying that it is opening "soon" and it was giving out samples to people yesterday; in addition, Bob Botchie is back on the team and the restaurant's social media pages are up and running again.]

[August 29, 2016 update: Pink Samurai has not yet opened, and now we have heard that Bob Botchie and the restaurant have parted ways once again.]

[September 2, 2016 update: According to a Facebook post from the place, Pink Samurai has opened.]

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