Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Brigham's in Arlington Heights Getting Ready to Officially Disappear from the Landscape

[Ed note: This article has been corrected to show that there is only one shop remaining that still has the Brigham's signage, and it appears to be in the midst of changing over. (Thanks to @jackie_cain for the help on this.]

A couple of years ago, we reported that a local chain of ice cream parlors was going to lose its brand name with each store being forced to find new suppliers. Now we have learned that one shop still has its signage up (based on a recent check on the place along with some Facebook posts), but that it appears to be on the verge of changing its name--though some chatter indicates the name has already changed even though the Brigham's sign remains--with earlier reports saying it might be called either "Digumm's" or "Dighams." Earlier reports also mentioned that the shop had been looking to switch over to ice cream from Sugar Maple Creamery in Wilmington, though it is not known for sure if this indeed is the case. (As soon as we get more updates on the exact status of the place, we will post an update here.)

[August 17 update: A check on the place over the weekend indicates that the Brigham's in Arlington Heights is now officially called Digumm's, with signage up out front.]

Brigham's, which first started out in 1914 as an ice cream and candy shop in Boston's Post Office Square, filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and closed all but a handful of locations at that point in time; most of the remaining spots switched over to new names in 2013 once parent company HP Hood of Lynnfield decided to stop selling its ice cream in bulk quantities. (Brigham's ice cream can still be found in convenience stores and supermarkets.)

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