Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Quincy Dynasty in North Quincy Has Closed for Renovations; Status Unknown

A Chinese restaurant located a bit south of the Boston line is closed for the time being, and it is not known for sure what kinds of changes may be coming to the space.

According to several posts within a couple of Facebook groups, Quincy Dynasty in North Quincy is shuttered, with a sign on the door of the Billings Road eatery apparently saying that a sushi bar may be added to the space and a note on its website saying it is closed for a "remodeling." No one has been able to confirm whether the restaurant will reopen as Quincy Dynasty or will become a completely new space, and phone calls to the dining spot have gone unanswered. As soon as we find out what will be happening to the place, we will post an update here.

Quincy Dynasty is a spot that our sister site (Boston's Hidden Restaurants) has featured as an under-the-radar place to go for both traditional Chinese and Chinese-American fare. A link to the review can be found below:

The address for this restaurant in North Quincy is: Quincy Dynasty, 49 Billings Road, Quincy, MA 02171. Its website is at

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Blogger Warren Poschman said...

I'd say it is not going to reopen but will rather be opening as a new concept. Driving by today (12/7) the sign was redone and now features a centered large single Chinese character with some rather cheap looking large red lettering in English at the very bottom describing the place (i.e. Asian-Sushi-Bar-Lounge). Inside the carpet has been removed and replaced with tile and a vestibule has been created where the fish tank was.

Unfortunately, though the place has not opened yet, I'm guessing it might endure the fate of the rest of the businesses in that area that appear on the outside to be slapped together. I'm not sure when they will figure out that you can't be successful by catering to 15% of the population. Track records indicate that almost none of those places survive.

It's also all interesting as the Dynasty ownership opposed the opening of a hot pot place in the former Fashion Quality Cleaners to which the attorney for the proposed hot pot place justified the establishment with "the other places were meant for Caucasians."

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