Monday, January 25, 2016

Building Housing The Brendan Behan Pub in Jamaica Plain Is Up for Sale

A building that is home to a beloved Irish pub is up for sale--and one of the selling points seems to be the potential to be able to raise the rents.

The Jamaica Plain News is reporting that the property at 378 Centre Street in JP's Hyde Square that houses The Brendan Behan Pub is on the market for $2,995,000, with the original pitch from the Coldwell Banker page apparently saying "Combines strong retail with great residential and prime location and room for increased rents (plus automatic increases in commercial leases over time!)," though the wording appears to have changed since the article was written. (A listing from Sazama Real Estate retains the original wording.) The multi-family property is also home to Tails pet supply and services and Pikalo, which is a Dominican eatery.

The article mentions that it is trying to find out more information about the sale of the property; as soon as they (and/or we) find out more, an update will be posted here.

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