Friday, April 15, 2016

East Coast Grill in Cambridge's Inman Square Is Reopening

It looks like an iconic Cambridge restaurant that shut down earlier this year is returning.

According to a License Commission General Hearing page within the City of Cambridge website, East Coast Grill in Inman Square is planning to reopen, and it looks like Mark Romano, who owns Highland Kitchen in Somerville, is behind the rebirth of the dining spot. This jibes with what had been heard from several people in the restaurant industry over the past few weeks, though nothing had been confirmed until now.

East Coast Grill was established in 1985 by nationally-recognized chef and restaurateur Chris Schlesinger, who sold the place to three members of the East Coast Grill team in 2012; the restaurant closed in January and was said to be up for sale at the time. Known in part for its legendary "Hell Nights" that focus on hot and spicy food items, East Coast Grill was also a favorite for seafood and BBQ dishes.

The address for the soon-to-return East Coast Grill is 1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

[April 17 update: The Boston Globe gives a bit more information on the reopening of East Coast Grill, saying that it will keep the name and a lot of the same food offerings, and it will have the same overall feel as the original incarnation of the place, though owner Mark Romano says that there will also be "some spiff and shine," including an expanded bar, and an updated drink menu.]

[April 20 update: Cambridge Day states that the new owner of East Coast Grill (Mark Romano and Marci Joy) will be bringing back Hell Night "eventually."]

[June 6 update: According to an interview within the Craving Boston section of the WGBH site, East Coast Grill plans to make some tweaks to the menu--including adding some sandwiches--but it will also retain a lot of the classic ECG dishes (and a bit more emphasis may be placed on the barbecue). In addition, there will still be a raw bar and the Bloody Mary bar will eventually be brought back as well.]

[January 1, 2017 update: Eater Boston states that East Coast Grill celebrates its rebirth tomorrow (Monday, January 2).]

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East Coast Grill in Cambridge's Inman Square Is Closing

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