Monday, August 28, 2017

Haru Sushi at the Prudential Center in Boston's Back Bay Has Closed

An upscale sushi bar in the Back Bay of Boston is no longer in business.

Universal Hub is reporting (via a Twitter post from @MattSoleyn) that Haru Sushi at the Prudential Center has shut down, with another tweet indicating that it apparently closed for good late last week or over the weekend. Based on the locations page within its website, it looks like all six of its locations in Manhattan remain in operation.

Haru, which first opened at the Pru a bit less than 10 years ago, was known for its variety of sushi options along with such items as dumplings, teriyaki, tempura, katsu, udon and soba dishes, and filet mignon.

The website for the New York locations of Haru can be found at

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