Monday, October 16, 2017

Cinderella's in Cambridge's Central Square Is Closing

A neighborhood spot in Cambridge known in part for its Italian food and late-night eats over the past 20+ years is shutting down, as its space is going to be home to a hotel that had first been mentioned here early in 2016.

Wicked Local indicates that Cinderella's in the Central Square section of the city is slated to close after business hours on October 28, as plans are now moving along for its Main Street building to be replaced by a 67-room boutique hotel. As reported earlier, the structure also houses Toscanini's Ice Cream and Patty Chen's Dumpling Room, with the article saying that both will reopen at the site once construction is complete (Patty Chen's will move to an addition where the current building's parking lot resides). Wicked Local does mention that Cinderella's will merge its delivery service with that of Beauty's Pizza on Hampshire Street, though Cinderella's itself will not be reopening.

Cinderella's, which first opened in the mid-1990s, went through a makeover in the summer of 2015, going from a casual Italian eatery to more of a neighborhood restaurant and bar.

The address for Cinderella's in Central Square is 901 Main Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

[October 26 update: According to a Facebook post from the place, Cinderella's has already closed its doors, with its delivery service officially merging with Beauty's Pizza as of last week.]

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Blogger Robert Winters said...

The building owner is going to great lengths to ensure that Toscanini's will remain open during the construction and restoration of the building. They will have to temporarily move the ice cream making to an alternate location, but when everything is done there will be a backyard patio available to customers. The renovated building will also be made handicapped accessible.

Patty Chen's Dumpling Room will have to close for a while but the building owner is constructing a new space for them in the new part of the building.

My understanding is that the take-out part of Cinderella's business will continue in partnership with another area business.

10:47 PM  
Blogger BostonBrownie617 said...

I am soooo mad that Cinderella's is closed. I loved that restaurant and the food was divine. I hope they open a new location and got reimbursed for the renovations they made 2 years ago...just to end up closing. SMDH!

12:10 PM  

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