Monday, July 15, 2019

Yaowarat Road Opens in Quincy's Wollaston Neighborhood

A new Thai restaurant with a rather interesting name has opened in a section of Quincy that has become home to countless Asian dining spots.

According to City of Quincy consultant and publicist Kerry J. Byrne, Yaowarat Road is now open in the city's Wollaston neighborhood, with the Beale Street eatery getting its name from one of the main roads in the Chinatown section of Bangkok. Byrne tells us that the new restaurant serves Hainan-style Thai fare (Hainan is the most southern part of China), with options including such items as scallion pancakes, sriracha wings, pork congee, duck rice soup, beef stew with noodles, pork feet stew, mango smoothies, and Thai iced tea.

Both Wollaston and neighboring North Quincy are home to a wide variety of dining spots featuring Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean fare.

The address for this new Thai restaurant in Wollaston is: Yaowarat Road, 6 Beale Street, Quincy, MA, 02170. The website for the dining spot can be found at

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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