Monday, September 28, 2020

Nusr-et Steakhouse in Boston Closed by Licensing Board for Multiple Violations; Hearings Scheduled for Tuesday

A high-end steakhouse that opened in Boston last weekend has been shut down by the city due to several violations including at least one that is COVID-related.

According to an article from Universal Hub, Nusr-et Steakhouse is currently shuttered, with a note out front saying that the Arlington Street dining spot has been closed by order of the the city's licensing board. UH mentions that two hearings on the matter are scheduled to take place tomorrow, with the first one looking into a violation of a state order that bans lines outside of restaurants because of the coronavirus, while the second hearing will focus on two fire exits being blocked. In addition, Nusr-et Steakhouse apparently did not obtain a health permit to operate, while other issues brought up by an ISD health inspector include refrigerators that were too warm and dishwashers using water that was not warm enough. (The post does mention a follow-up inspection indicated that nearly all issues have been resolved, though the dishwaters were still apparently not set high enough.)

In addition to the violations mentioned by Universal Hub, Boston Globe also mentions that there were reports of customers and workers not wearing masks at Nusr-et Steakhouse (including people reportedly standing around the bar and host areas without masks), while many tables appeared to be only three feet apart. The Globe mentions that City Councilor Ed Flynn is unhappy with word of the multiple violations, saying in an email that "It is outrageous that this restaurant continues to place the public health of thousands at risk....This restaurant is not a good neighbor to the Bay Village neighborhood. The restaurant is more interested in making money than the public health of the people of Boston. I will ask the city Licensing Board to suspend the license indefinitely. I have zero tolerance for this reckless behavior."

Nusr-et Steakhouse debuted on September 18, with Turkish chef, restaurateur, and Internet sensation Nusret Gökçe (AKA Salt Bae) being behind it.

The address for Nusr-et Steakhouse is 100 Arlington Street, Boston, MA, 02116. The website for all locations of the restaurant is at

[September 30 update: Universal Hub reports that Nusr-et Steakhouse will remain closed at least through tomorrow (Thursday, October 1), when the licensing board will decide whether to lift the liquor-license suspension and allow the restaurant to reopen. The post also mentions that an ISD health inspector has fined the place $300 for violations of both city and state social-distancing guidelines. (In referring to the violations, corporate executive Ufuk Soyturk told the board in one of the hearings yesterday that "We aren't making any excuses, we should have done a better job.")]

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Nusr-et Steakhouse Opens in Boston

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