Thursday, June 06, 2013

Craft Beer Cellar Is Opening in Newton Centre

The people behind a specialty beer store in Belmont--and an upcoming New England annex in Winchester--are going to be opening another shop in Newton.

A note sent by Linear Retail indicates that Craft Beer Cellar plans to open on Centre Street in Newton Centre, joining the original location of the store on Leonard Street in Belmont Center. The new location will feature beers from New England as well as a variety of national and international beers, and it will also offer fine wines, marinades, sauces, cheese, and snacks. Weekly beer and wine tastings will take place at the Newton Centre location of Craft Beer Cellar as well, according to the message from Linear Retail.

A third shop--called Craft Beer Annex--is getting ready to open in Winchester, with that store selling only New England beers. A Needham location of Craft Beer Cellar had also been in the works, but that appears to be on hold for now.

[July 17 update: It looks like Craft Beer Cellar's opening in Newton is one step closer to reality, as a post on its Facebook page today says "Passed our public hearing with 'enthusiastic yes' votes! On to state approval next."]

[October 30 update: According to a Facebook post, the new Craft Beer Cellar in opens in Newton Centre today.]

The address for this new specialty beer shop in Newton Centre is: Craft Beer Cellar, 1241 Centre Street, Newton, MA, 02459. The website for the original Craft Beer Cellar is at

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Blogger dbvader said...

Needham doesn't have retail liquor licenses. How were they going to get around that?

12:17 PM  
Blogger Joe D. said...

Needham Selectment approved 5 liquor licenses in February but Craft Beer Cellar did not get one of them, thus the delay. Whether they look at Needham in the future is to be seen. Personally I am waiting for them to look to the South Shore for a location!

2:01 PM  

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