Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quencher Tavern in South Boston Is Closing

It looks like a dive bar in South Boston that was once featured on a popular food/travel show is closing its doors.

According to a Boston Licensing Board page, the Quencher Tavern on I Street is seeking to transfer its liquor license to the Painted Burro, which is going to be opening a new location on Temple Place in Boston's Downtown Crossing area. The Quencher Tavern was one of several spots in South Boston that Anthony Bourdain visited in 2011 for No Reservations, a show on the Travel Channel that ended last year. A few other places that Bourdain went to in Southie included Rondo's Sub Shop, Murphy's Law, the Galley Diner, and the L Street Tavern.

As soon as we confirm that the bar will be closing its doors, we will post an update here.

[August 22 update: It has now been confirmed that the Painted Burro has indeed purchased the liquor license from the Quencher Tavern, and one poster on Twitter says that the bar may be closing around November. (More updates will be posted as soon as we get them.)]

[November 11 update: The Caught in Southie site states (as do a number of folks on Twitter) that the Quencher Tavern had a "farewell" block party outside the bar yesterday.]

[November 12 update: We have now learned that contrary to all the reports over the weekend, the Quencher Tavern's farewell party was not actually its farewell, and that it will be open for approximately two more weeks. Thanks to one of our sources (who is a Boston-area chef and lives in the neighborhood) for bringing this to our attention.]

[November 27 update: South Boston Today reports that the Quencher Tavern closes its doors for good tonight (and this has been confirmed by folks on Facebook yesterday and today.]

The address for the Quencher Tavern is 170 I Street, Boston, MA, 02127.

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