Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Owner of Tonic in Jamaica Plain May Replace It with an Italian Restaurant

A bistro in Jamaica Plain that closed two different times over the past year may be replaced by an Italian dining spot, though nothing is written in stone at this point.

Universal Hub is reporting that Coran McCormack of the now-shuttered Tonic on Washington Street is looking to open a new restaurant within the Forest Hills space, with the plans being either to open it on his own or through a deal with a Chicago-based chain of Italian dining spots. McCormack mentioned that the reason for Tonic's closure was that patients from Shattuck Hospital were hanging out by the nearby liquor store, so "medical workers and other professionals in the area looking for a place for a late-night bite and scared and went elsewhere." UH says that the Boston Licensing Board will make a decision tomorrow on whether to allow McCormack 90 days to do something with the liquor license that he still has from Tonic, whether it be to open a new spot or sell the license.

The address in question is 3698 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130.

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