Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update: Figs in Charlestown Remains Open; Liquor License Issue Being Resolved

[Ed note: This article was updated on January 16 and 17, then again on March 6 to reflect new information given, including info on the restaurant's liquor license.]

Rumors have been flying about a Charlestown restaurant owned by a celebrity chef and restaurateur, and now we have a bit of information about the status of the place.

Eater Boston initially reported that Figs on Main Street had stopped serving beer and wine yesterday, with a poster on the Chowhound site saying today that the popular Todd English eatery may have closed. This afternoon, we received an Eater Boston update via a note from food writer MC Slim JB that Figs is actually still open, and also learned through a Twitter post from @FoodserviceEast that the Boston Licensing Board says the liquor license for the dining spot is still active. As to whether Figs is currently serving alcohol, this has not been confirmed, and if it isn't serving alcohol, the reason why it isn't is unknown.

[January 16 update: A post from Figs today sheds a bit more light on the situation at the Charlestown restaurant. The note says that "We remain 100% open and are continuing to serve patrons our world famous flatbreads and Mediterranean specialties. We are temporarily not serving beer or wine, but service should return within the next few weeks." There is still no word on why they are unable to serve beer or wine, so keep checking back for more updates.]

[January 17 update: Universal Hub sheds some light on why alcohol is no longer being served at Figs; an article from UH today states that the Suffolk County Sheriff's department seized the restaurant's liquor license on January 8, with the seizure reportedly taking place by request of the Rouse Co., which manages Faneuil Hall. (Rouse is attempting to recoup over $800,000 in back rent and interest stemming from Todd English's now-closed Kingfish Hall restaurant.)]

[January 31 update: It appears that Figs in Charlestown may soon be able to serve alcohol once again. In an interview with Zagat, Todd English says that "Everything is fine with Figs. We did have an issue with the license, but that will be resolved within the week."]

[March 6 update: A note sent by Figs indicates that their location in Charlestown is serving alcohol once again.]

The address for Figs is 67 Main Street, Charlestown, MA, 02129. (Another location of the restaurant can be found on Charles Street in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood.) Its website is at