Monday, May 05, 2014

Bone Daddy's Burgers Food Truck Is Up and Running Once Again

A food truck that focuses on burgers has returned to the area after briefly shutting down.

A visit to the SoWa food trucks yesterday indicated that Bone Daddy's Burgers is back in business, with a message from the Hub Food Trucks blog confirming this. It appears that at least for now, the truck has a shorter schedule, with their being set up at SoWa on Sundays and also at two locations in Watertown on other days--the Commander's Mansion by The Arsenal and the Central Rock Gym on Acton Street a bit west of the center of town.

In March, we had reported that Bone Daddy's Burgers was planning to call it a day after "a long struggle & a cold hard winter," but it looks like they received enough funding (including from the gofundme site) to stay in operation.

Bone Daddy's Burgers debuted in the spring of 2013, offering burgers as well as hot dogs, fries, and more. Information on the truck can be found at and at

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Bone Daddy's Burgers Food Truck May Be Shutting Down

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