Monday, May 05, 2014

El Pelon Hot Chili Pepper Eating Contest Returns to Boston, May 7, 2014

A "hot" event will be returning to a Mexican restaurant in Boston's Fenway neighborhood this week.

According to @PatrickMBoston of Maguire Promotions, the El Pelon Hot Chili Pepper Eating Contest will be taking place at their restaurant on 92 Peterborough Street this Wednesday (May 7) starting at 9:00 PM, with this being the "finals" of the event. Challengers will gather around a table at the restaurant and eat one chili pepper at a time (no more than two minutes for each pepper) until only one person remains, with the contestants starting with mild peppers, then progressively eating hotter and hotter peppers culminating with some real scorchers. The winner of the contest will receive a trophy along with a free burrito every day for one year. According to Patrick, Tom O'Keefe--who is also known by many as @BostonTweet--will be a guest judge at the chili pepper eating contest.

[May 8 update: According to a Twitter post from @BostonTweet, the winner of the El Pelon Hot Chili Pepper Eating Contest ate 31 habanero peppers.]

A portion of Wednesday's food sales goes to the non-profit community partners of El Pelon.

For more information on this event, please go to the following link: