Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Arthur and Pat's Restaurant Is Apparently Taking Over the Sea Dog Pub Space in Hull

A now-closed South Shore landmark that was known in part for its breakfasts may be on its way back to a waterfront spot closer to Boston, and it could be taking over the space where a brewpub has been.

According to an article in the Cranberry Country Magazine blog, Arthur and Pat's Restaurant, which had been located in Marshfield, has apparently purchased the Sea Dog Pub space in Hull. A Facebook post from the eatery seems to confirm this, showing a seaside picture from what appears to be the A Street dining spot and saying "Hi everyone. We have missed you. We are locking down a new location. We have so much to tell you about. Can you guess where we will be having our next meal together?" It is not known for sure whether the new spot will continue to be called Arthur and Pat's, nor is it known exactly when it will open (it appears to be on its way in either the spring or the summer); as soon as we find out more, we will post an update here.

[January 22 update: Wicked Local Marshfield states that the people behind Arthur and Pat's do not yet have a name for the upcoming restaurant--so it may not be called Arthur and Pat's after all--and are not revealing the location yet, though the picture posted earlier seems to indicate that it is indeed coming to the Sea Dog space in Hull. (The article also mentions that they aren't sure whether it will be open seasonally or year round.)]

Arthur and Pat's closed in April of 2015 in the Brant Rock section of Marshfield after being in business for nearly 40 years; at the time of the closure, it looked like they were weighing their options, one of which included possibly eyeing a new location for the restaurant (or "a" restaurant).

The Sea Dog Pub, which first opened its doors in Hull in June of 2010, is affiliated with the Sea Dog Brewing Company, which is part of the Shipyard Brewing Company in Maine. (The dining and drinking spot closed for the season at the end of October.)

The address for the Sea Dog Pub (and, apparently, the new restaurant from the people behind Arthur and Pat's) is 2 A Street, Hull, MA, 02045.

Thanks to @djradarjs11 for initially bringing this to our attention.

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