Monday, May 04, 2020

Donahue's Pub Is Opening in Holbrook

A brand new neighborhood pub is coming to the southern suburbs of Boston, taking over the space where another pub had been hoping to open.

According to a source, Donahue's Pub is getting ready to debut in Holbrook, moving into the former Boston Cream Pie Company on S Franklin Street--and moving into the space where a pub called 32 Counties had been planning to open. Based on a post on its Facebook page, the new bar is not affiliated with 32 Counties, while also saying that it plans to have a "limited" pub grub menu, and another more recent post indicates that Donahue's hopes to open its doors once the restaurant/bar shutdown is lifted (currently May 18 for Massachusetts).

Early last year, we were told that 32 Counties was looking to open in the old Boston Cream Pie Company space, but it never did end up opening, and it isn't known for sure if the pub will try to open elsewhere. Boston Cream Pie Company first opened in the summer of 2017 only to close a year later, with the business originally selling the Boston Cream Pies (along with other pies) from tricycles stationed in Boston.

The address for Donahue's Pub in Holbrook is 783 S Franklin Street, Holbrook, MA, 02343. Its Facebook page can be found at

[May 25 update: Based on a new post from its Facebook page, Donahue's Pub does not expect to debut until at least June 29 at the earliest because they "don't have the proper kitchen to be a restaurant." (Ed note: With bars without kitchens in Massachusetts moving from Phase 3 to Phase 4 after this post was put up, this means that such bars might not be able to open until next year, based on whenever a vaccine/therapeutic might be ready.)]

[October 28 update: A new Facebook post indicates that Donahue's will apparently have a proper kitchen after all, as they are now hiring and will hopefully open "soon."] 

[December 17 update: According to a source, Donahue's is now open in Holbrook.]

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32 Counties Is Opening in the Former Boston Cream Pie Company Space in Holbrook

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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