Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lola 41 Is Coming to Boston's Back Bay

The person behind a trio of restaurants on Nantucket is looking to bring a second location of one of them to Boston.

According to one of our readers, Marco Coelho of Pazzo, Lola Burger, and Lola 41 is planning to open a location of the latter in the city's Back Bay neighborhood. The reader mentions that Lola 41 is apparently coming to 50 Gloucester Street, which a page from Bizapedia seems to prove, and an article in Yesterday's Island, Today's Nantucket confirms that the restaurant is indeed coming to the Back Bay.

The address given in Bizapedia is also the same one that a proposed spot called Ambrosia on Gloucester was possibly coming to, but it is not yet known whether that project fell through or if it might open in another location (keep checking back for updates).

Lola 41 is an upscale eatery that features such items as sushi, slow-roasted pork belly, macaroni and cheese, pan-seared halibut, gnocchi, hanger steak, and the Lola burger, along with a variety of cocktails. Its website can be found at http://www.lola41.com/

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