Friday, September 06, 2013

Ocean Club at Marina Bay in Quincy Closes for the Season Due to Molly Issues; Future in Doubt

A huge entertainment complex on the waterfront in Quincy has agreed to close for the season due to concerns about the drug "Molly," and there is a chance that it may never reopen, depending on possible redevelopment plans at the site.

According to an article from Channel 7 News/WHDH, the folks who manage the Ocean Club at Marina Bay are shutting the club down for the rest of the season--and will also cancel any future events--with their actions apparently stemming from approximately a dozen overdoses and a dozen arrests centering around the drug. Another article from The Patriot Ledger says that a proposal from Flagship Marinas (which also owns the Ocean Club as well as the Marina Bay complex) to build luxury apartments and retail stores at the site could wipe out any chance of the club reopening next year, though it doesn't appear that this project is written in stone yet, and WHDH mentions that police will be meeting with the owners of the Ocean Club to talk about whether the place has any kind of future in the city.

The address for the Ocean Club at Marina Bay is 333 Victory Road, Quincy, MA, 02171.

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