Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Winsor Dim Sum House Replacing Crystal Jade in Quincy

A Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant in Quincy that moved into the space where a renowned bar pizza spot had once been has shut down and a new spot is on the way.

According to posters on the Quincy is Everything Facebook group page, Crystal Jade in the Wollaston section of the city is closed, with one poster saying that the people behind the Hancock Street dining spot had to come before the licensing board concerning the status of the license, which has indeed been confirmed by the city's website. The poster indicates that the closing may be due to the health of the owner, but this has not yet been confirmed as of yet, while it appears that a new restaurant is moving into the space.

Crystal Jade first opened in late 2014, taking over the space where the Alumni Cafe had been; a new location of the Alumni plans to open in Weymouth very soon [ed note--now open], and while it will be under different ownership, the same bar pizza recipe as that of the original Alumni is expected to be used there.

[August 15 update: The Patriot Ledger mentions that a new restaurant called Winsor Dim Sum House is hoping to take over the former Crystal Jade space; it is not known if there is any connection to Winsor Dim Sum Cafe in Boston's Chinatown, as no connection could be made online between the two spots. (As soon as we find out more, we will post another update here.)]

[October 21 update: According to several sources, Winsor Dim Sum House is now open, and it is indeed connected to Winsor Dim Sum Cafe in Chinatown.]

The address for the now-closed Crystal Jade (and new Winsor Dim Sum House) is 708 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA, 02170.

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Blogger NeuroSass said...

Thank you for the update! My husband and I loved Crystal Jade and were wondering what happened after they never returned from a "vacation", but also haven't updated a note left on their window for months. We hope all is well with the wonderful family that ran it - please keep us posted!!

4:53 PM  

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