Friday, May 03, 2013

Wicked Good Cupcakes (Which Features Cupcakes in Mason Jars) Comes to Boston's Faneuil Hall

A South Shore-based bakery that sells cupcakes in mason jars is now offering its treats in downtown Boston.

The Boston Business Journal is reporting that Wicked Good Cupcakes has opened a second location, with this one being in Faneuil Hall (their original location can be found on Route 3A in Cohasset). According to the BBJ, the concept of cupcakes in mason jars was developed by the company as a way to ship them, but the treats are now sold that way in their shops as well. A note from MKPR indicates that the Wicked Good Cupcakes kiosk at Faneuil Hall includes a bank of laptops that allows customers to order jars and have them shipped anywhere in the United States.

The website for Wicked Good Cupcakes is at

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